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 Sacha Koolen   Sander van der Meij

Food professionals are globetrotters. They roll up their sleeves to discover more and more about where their ingredients come from. Food is no longer a means, it has become the objective itself.



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Kitchen Market



Farmers Market, Ha-Angar St 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 

Yossi Shitrit, chef at Kitchen Market in Tel Aviv, is renowned in his profession for his passion and creativity. He lives his own culinary dreams. In addition, his restaurants emphasise locally sourced products. His menu includes things like local honey and fresh sashimi. Shitrit and his two partners Asaf and Alon immersed themselves in the world of their local fisherman and beekeeper.

They travelled to the harbour city of Ashdod to experience a day in the life of fisherman Moshe Biton. Moshe is known as The King of Ashdod Fishermen. To visit their beekeeper, Moshe Koren, they travelled 140 kilometres to the north. The chefs tasted the enormous orange mass of honey. As they described it themselves, it was like tasting one of the seven wonders of the world.




Vía a Moray, Maras, Peru

It takes quite a journey to get there. You have to travel 53 kilometres north-east of the Peruvian city of Cusco, up to an elevation of 3,568 metres above sea level and that’s where you’ll find Mil. The project was initiated by chef Virgilio Martinez, famous for ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ Central in Lima. Mil is situated off-map among Inca ruins. Inspiration for the dishes comes from the surrounding landscapes. Chef Virgilio Martínez takes his guests on
an eight-course journey through Cusco’s nature reserves and different altitudes. From frozen mountain tops at extreme elevations to the lower-lying forest areas in the Andes. Martinez is
aware that Mil is not suitable for everyone. He focuses on consumers who are explicitly interested in the gastronomical experience. Mil creates its own food tourism.

How returning to a product’s roots gives chefs greater understanding and deeper respect for products and producers. 

How food can serve as the theme of your trip and can take you to the most unlikely places.

Novanta is an experience hotel in Tuscany. Don’t expect marble and gold in this former mountain village an hour’s drive from Florence, but rather barefoot luxury. At this location you will be immersed in local Italian farming life, far removed from mass tourism. Food Inspiration went to visit this remarkable location. Staying at Novanta is all about eating and drinking together and about your personal relationship with this food. The morning starts with a big communal breakfast. In the afternoon you can go hunting truffles or participate in a wine workshop organised by a local vintner and in the evening, if you like, you can head to the kitchen to help the chefs prepare fresh pasta.

How participating in local food traditions leads to connection with the culture and reconnection with yourself.  

Eat Retreat 

Contact: eatretreat@eatretreat.org
Website: eatretreat.org

From making yoghurt and roasting coffee in Sonoma County to trout fishing and mushroom picking in south-east Pennsylvania. Every year, Eat Retreat travels the length and breadth of the US with a community of some 40 food professionals.

It’s not just entrepreneurs, chefs and farmers that participate. Writers, photographers and food system visionaries are also on for the ride. Eat Retreat’s objective is to organise retreats for a variety of food professionals to provide and share inspiration. After the peak experience of a retreat, members of the community continue to help each other progress.

How seeing, smelling and tasting with others leads to new ideas, inspiration and potential partnerships. 

 Sacha Koolen   Sander van der Meij

Food professionals are globetrotters. They roll up their sleeves to discover more and more about where their ingredients come from. Food is no longer a means, it has become the objective itself.

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